Starmap LP12 Turntable Plate Upgrade Kit


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The STARMAP LP12 UPGRADE KIT is a unique product that is designed and produced in South Africa for one of the world’s most revered record players: The Linn Sondek LP12.

It is comprised of both a top and bottom plate to fit any Linn Sondek LP12 turntable from the early 70s to now.

The Starmap was developed with the aim at allowing the marvellous Linn bearing system and suspension to perform at its very best. The standard stainless steel top plate leaves a lot to be desired in terms of stiffness and the milled top plates from various other manufacturers neglect to address resonance. And this is where our fine product fits in.

It was developed on the basis of constraint layer damping and dissimilar structure tuning principles. A special construction that dissipates spurious unwanted energy. This allows the actual turntable-tonearm-pickup assembly to extract the most detail from the vinyl record.

The Starmap top plate is a dual-layer construction with a clever construction to connect to the plinth in a rigid manner. The base plate is made up from a laminate of various aluminium plates to the bulk of 6 millimetres thick in total. It is fixed to the plinth with ten screws to both couples solidly to the plinth and strengthen it. The base plate also allows for spikes or specialist feet with an M6 thread to be fitted (like Soundcare Superspikes).

Together the Starmap top and bottom plates transform the Sondek LP12 turntable in an extraordinary way.​


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